Questions & Answers

Where do the sessions take place? 

Sessions take place in our gorgeous NE Hights Boudoir Studio. It has been decorated with beautiful sets to compliment your photos. If you are wanting an outdoor session or in home session please contact as we always love to travel around! 

How long does it take to receive my images? 

I typically have images edited within 1.5 - 2 weeks after your session. Album turnaround time varies between 7-18 business days depending on the album chosen and the accessories with the album. 

Will you help pose me?

YES!! The first thing I do with you is talk about how everything will go. We will talk about faces to make, where to look and even what to do with your hands. we also go over your outfit choices and only pick what will be best for your session and for you! Everybody has something they are self conscious about. My job is to accentuate the things you love about yourself! Every single client that walks through my door is nervous at first. They have never done something like this and it is completely out of their comfort zone. 

Will my images be shared?

Absolutely not! Images are only shared with written permission from our clients. Our clients often have sensitive careers we take privacy very seriously. Also not everyone wants family and friends to see their images. We do offer a discount for all clients who sign a release as a Thank You! Besides doing model calls it is the way we can show clients like yourself what we can do 😉. 

How far in advance should I schedule my session?

I typically book sessions 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure enough time for your products to be created. However, we do take on last minute requests, so please do not hesitate to ask! I also love people who plan ahead. If you are wanting to do a payment plan it is truly the only way. We offer plans from 2 payments up to 6 months with 0% interest.

Do I bring my own outfits?

For the sake of hygiene I ask that clients bring their own outfits. It will also make sure that the outfits you bring fit properly.

We do tho have blankets and other props for you to use to accentuate the outfits you bring!

Who will be present during my session?

My staff is all female from myself to any on site assistance or makeup/ hair artists. 

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We empower and liberate women so that they can see the true beauty that lies within through boudoir photography. 


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